Top 10 Reasons To Own A Yorkie

Yorkies, one of the smallest dog breeds, fit anywhere from flats to studio apartments. Plus, they don't shed much, making grooming a breeze.

Small Size and Low Maintenance

These pups are known for their friendliness and loyalty. They're cuddle bugs, always eager for affection and playtime.

Friendly, Cuddly, and Devoted

Yorkies are smart cookies, quick to learn tricks and routines. They make fantastic family pets, obediently following commands.

Highly Intelligent

Yorkies like Smoky, the first therapy dog, have a history of bringing joy. Their loving nature brightens any day.

Therapy Dog Heritage

Aside from attention, Yorkies need minimal care. Their tiny size means lower food and grooming costs.

Low Maintenance Care

Dress up your Yorkie in style! These fashion-forward pups enjoy donning cute outfits to stay warm and trendy.

Fashionable Companions

Despite their size, Yorkies have a fierce hunting instinct. They'll protect your home and chase away pesky critters.

Mighty Hunters

From Audrey Hepburn to Miley Cyrus, Yorkies have graced screens and celebrities' arms, adding to their popularity as pets.

Celebrity Favorites

Yorkies' charm has stood the test of time, remaining a beloved choice for pet owners worldwide.

Enduring Popularity

Aside from attention, they need little maintenance, keeping costs low and tasks simple.

Minimal Care Requirements