These California cities are the most dog-friendly destinations in the U.S.

With its numerous parks, beaches, and dog-friendly establishments, San Francisco is a haven for canine companions.

San Francisco

From its dog beaches to its pet-friendly hotels and restaurants, San Diego offers plenty of opportunities for dogs and their owners to enjoy together.

San Diego

With its extensive network of dog parks and pet-friendly cafes, Los Angeles is a paradise for dog lovers.

Los Angeles

Known for its outdoor spaces and pet-friendly accommodations, Sacramento is a great destination for exploring with your four-legged friend.


This coastal city boasts beautiful beaches and parks where dogs can roam freely, making it an ideal spot for a pet-friendly getaway.

Santa Barbara

With its scenic coastal trails and dog-friendly attractions, Monterey welcomes canine visitors with open arms.


Despite its desert setting, Palm Springs offers plenty of pet-friendly amenities, including dog-friendly hiking trails and hotels.

Palm Springs

Home to dog-friendly cafes, shops, and parks, Berkeley is a vibrant city where dogs are embraced as part of the community.


From its dog-friendly beaches to its welcoming downtown area, Santa Cruz is a great destination for a fun-filled vacation with your furry companion.

Santa Cruz