The Perfect 7-Day Japan Itinerary for First-Time Visitors

Day 1: Tokyo

You should begin your journey by going to Odaiba, which is now considered to be one of the most modern and lively retail and entertainment districts in Tokyo.

Day 2: Tokyo and Kamakura

Kamakura is an hour from Tokyo and has plenty to offer. With a Japan Rail Pass, you may take the Tokaido Line from Tokyo Station to Totsuka Station

Day 3: Yanaka and Ueno

Tokyo's most iconic landmark. The urge to experience Tokyo life draws many to Shibuya, despite the continuous throngs crossing the traffic lights every minute.

Day 4: Kyoto

The bamboo grove, a 10-minute walk from Saga Arashiyama Station (JR Sagano line), will transport you to this lovely environment. It's ideal for a romantic getaway

Day 5: Nanzen-ji

The ideal Japanese temple is this Zen temple. Nanzen-ji features everything for Japanese culture aficionados, including Zen gardens, gigantic entry doors, and smaller temples.

Day 6: Nara

Beautiful ponds provide life to the gardens' amazing environment, making you feel welcome and at ease. Isuien includes two areas with tea houses and traditional Japanese

Day 7: Back to Tokyo

Take the Shinkansen to Tokyo and prepare to return home. If you have time, visit Asakusa and Harajuku, the first sites on our 10-day and 14-day example itineraries.