The Best Ways to Hang Your Backyard String Lights for the Dreamiest Patio

A few string lights may create the ideal outdoor dining area for summer supper gatherings. To create the appearance of an outdoor candlelight glow, scatter some lanterns on the table as well.

Brighten Up Your Dining Area

Put some comfortable outdoor furniture in your garden and hang some string lights from above to make it feel cozy. You now consider this to be your new favorite room in the house.

Lighten Up Your Living Space

A striking show can be achieved by combining lit jars with basic string lights. This outdoor supper table is inviting—who wouldn't want to take a seat?

Double up the Glow

This arrangement demonstrates how little is needed to light up your backyard. Just hang string lights from a large tree to your home's roof, and enjoy the glow of your beautifully lit backyard.

Use a Big Tree as a Base

Stylishly host your upcoming garden party. This outdoor dining table arrangement is ideal for springtime because it has a tent-like aspect above it thanks to a few string lights.

Gussy Up Your Garden Party

We want to spend a lot of summer evenings by the fire. Add Adirondack chairs, string lights, and s'mores to transform your backyard fire pit into the ultimate gathering place.

Keep The Fire Pit Aglow

Furnish your backyard with a luxurious sofa and pillows, an abundance of potted plants, and a wooden pallet privacy fence to create a comfortable living area. 

Spruce Up Your Privacy Fence

When you have string lights strung above your back patio, the night is always starry. You'll want to spend your evenings here each day of the week.

Make Your Back Patio Glow

Use a lovely potted plant to cover up the wooden pole holding up your string lights. The planter's substantial base aids with stability, and your arrangement will look eye-catching with your flowers and foliage.

Use A Potted Plant Base