The 8 Most Iconic Toys From the 90s and Where to Buy Them Now


Remember the craze over Furby in the 90s? These furry robot friends were incredibly popular and hard to find, often selling for way above retail price. Despite their gibberish-speaking nature, they captured the hearts of many kids who enjoyed interacting

Tamagotchi Original - Candy Swirl:

Tamagotchi was the must-have virtual pet in the 90s, flying off shelves and becoming a coveted item for kids everywhere. Keeping this pocket-sized pet alive was a top priority, even overshadowing homework.

TY Cassidy Cat Beanie Boo:

McDonald's Happy Meals were a popular way to collect Ty Beanie Babies, which were a massive hit among children in the 90s. These tiny stuffed animals were hoarded by kids and even became collectibles for some.

Sesame Street Tickle Me Elmo:

Who could forget the laughter of Tickle Me Elmo, the hottest toy of 1996? "Elmo-Mania" swept the nation as parents scrambled to get their hands on this beloved Sesame Street character for their kids. Thankfully, you can now purchase a more modern version

Easy-Bake Ultimate Oven:

The Easy-Bake Oven was a staple toy for 90s kids, allowing them to bake mini cakes and treats after school. While the early-2000s version with light bulbs was discontinued for safety reasons, the modern Easy-Bake Ultimate Oven is a safe and fun way

Moon Shoes:

Nickelodeon's Moon Shoes were a hit in the 90s, providing kids with mini-trampolines for their feet. These gravity-defying shoes were a fun way for kids to bounce around and expend energy. Today's version of Moon Shoes offers a new and improved design for even more fun.

Lite Brite Ultimate Classic:

Lite-Brite was a classic toy from Hasbro that allowed kids to create colorful, glowing images using pegs and templates. This timeless creative toy was a favorite among children in the 90s and remains a must-have for kids of all ages today.

Polly Pocket

One of the most famous toys of the 1990s, Polly Pocket was loved by a whole generation of little girls and is still loved today. The tiny dollhouses fit in your pocket and came with tiny dolls that you could use to play house