The 7 Best Lobster Rolls In The U S

Maine Lobster Roll: Enjoy the classic Maine lobster roll, featuring tender chunks of fresh lobster meat lightly dressed in mayonnaise and served in a buttery split-top bun.

Connecticut Lobster Roll: Indulge in the Connecticut-style lobster roll, where lobster meat is simply drizzled with melted butter and served in a warm, toasted bun

Massachusetts Lobster Roll: Savor the Massachusetts-style lobster roll, which often features a combination of lobster meat and celery tossed in a light dressing

New York Lobster Roll: Discover the New York-style lobster roll, which may feature innovative variations such as lobster salad with avocado or a lobster roll

Rhode Island Lobster Roll: Experience the Rhode Island-style lobster roll, known for its simplicity and focus on showcasing the natural flavor of the lobster meat.

California Lobster Roll: Delight in the California-style lobster roll, where lobster meat is often paired with fresh avocado, citrusy aioli, and crunchy vegetables

Florida Lobster Roll: Explore the Florida-style lobster roll, featuring sweet and succulent Florida spiny lobster meat served in a variety of creative preparations