Pergola Ideas: 9 Stunning garden structures for added style and shade

Mix Rustic Woods

For midday meals, a typical wooden pergola covering an outdoor kitchen and eating area offers much-needed shade. The surrounding fences, wooden furniture, and concrete patio all look well with the natural wood.

Embrace the Landscape

This pergola's large wooden beams and roof blend in well with the surrounding forested area. Climbing vines, an adjacent garden, and a paved patio maintain the cohesiveness of the backyard area.

Add a Retractable Shade

Retractable shades let you shield your dining area from intense sunshine and oppressive heat on a pergola situated in the sunniest portion of your yard.

Put a Pergola by the Pool

A wide pergola shades the lounge chairs and wooden-framed hammock on this pool deck, while lightweight curtains offer extra shade when necessary.

Space with Greenery

A pergola on one side of this house mirrors the full porch on the other, while lush plantings soften the geometric angles of the walkway, container garden, stairs, and roof lines.

Plant Bright Blooms

Trellises, arbors, and pergolas are excellent places to display your gardening skills. The best climbing vines give strong outdoor constructions color and fragrance. Examples are the vivid pink bougainvillea, the purple clematis

Install Side Draping

In hot, arid climates, your outdoor spaces need all the sun protection they can get. Elegant draping on the sides of a pergola adds extra shade without dimming your deck.

Permanent Sun Protection

A corrugated metal roof installed atop a wooden pergola allows for more permanent protection from sun and rain, turning an open dining area into an all-weather spot for casual lunches and special-occasion meals.

Choose a Modern Design

A black metal frame and dark wooden slats create a sleek silhouette on this upgraded pergola, while built-in planters and custom bench seating make the most of the rooftop's square footage.