Patio shade ideas – 9 stylish ways to stay cool this summer

Shane Stevens of System Pavers, who has more than 25 years of expertise in outdoor living design, construction, and real estate, thinks pergolas are a terrific complement to any backyard design.

1. Update A Traditional Pergola With Plants And Drapes

Parasols are great for shade on your patio." "Select sturdy, long-lasting ones that shield you from the sun.

2. Keep Cool Without Splashing The Cash With A Parasol

These include stately oaks and tulip trees, which have orange and yellow blossoms in the shape of cups. With their lush canopies, even little trees can offer a helpful area of relief.

3. Make The Most Of Backyard Trees

A few climbing plants can provide dappled shade without the need for a large pergola. For certain portions of the day, shade can be created equally as effectively using a garden trellis.

4. Create A Botanical Sun Screen With A Trellis

She claims that in addition to offering seclusion, this also offers protection from New Mexico's scorching sun.

5. Hang Fabulous Fabrics Around Your Outdoor Living Space

They can be positioned to screen the sun and come in a variety of shapes. To create a welcoming ambiance, pick colors that go with your exterior design,' he suggests.

6. Go For Modern Shapes With Shade Sails

A basic awning off the back of your house or another appropriate location helps provide shade, advises Belgard landscaping specialist Joe Raboine.

7. Attach An Awning To Your Home

A gazebo can create a cool, comfortable haven on a corner of your patio. Although wooden variants are available, canvas versions that are held aloft by metal poles are more cost-effective and adaptable.

8. Hide From The Heatwave With A Gorgeous Gazebo

Usually constructed of wood, you may transform one into a gorgeous focal piece by painting it with an outdoor paint tin to match your color scheme. Then, for more comfort and style, add outdoor pillows.

9. Add An Arbor To Your Patio