Kitchen Cabinet Hardware Ideas To Revamp Your Cabinetry

Bold Touches:

Incorporate oversized brass pulls in the kitchen to add interest to classic architectural detailing, creating an unexpected yet understated look.

Sleek Solutions:

Opt for sleek antique brass edge pulls in a modern kitchen to allow the focus to remain on statement marble countertops and backsplashes. The subtle pulls provide a modern contrast to vintage architecture.

Historical Flair:

Infuse cultural flair into kitchen cabinet hardware with designs inspired by ancient artifacts. Explore unique motifs like evil eye symbols and lotus buds to create a sense of place.

Shifting Shapes:

Embrace a mix of knobs, pulls, latches, and cup pulls in the kitchen to create a cozy and collected vibe. Mixing different shapes and styles adds visual interest and personality to the space, contributing to its unique charm.

Jewelry Accoutrements:

Add a touch of whimsy with bold and colorful cabinet pulls that infuse personality and details into the kitchen.

Versatile Matte Black:

Incorporate matte black kitchen cabinet hardware to create a subtle accent in the space, contrasting with warm stained cabinetry while tying together the overall design aesthetic.

Whimsical Colors:

Introduce pops of color with vibrant hardware fixtures to add personality to the kitchen cabinets. Explore colorful pulls like turquoise to create visual interest and complement other design elements in the space.

Warm Brass Extensions:

Add warmth and character to clean and edited spaces with warm brass pulls that elevate the overall design. The rich tone of the brass hardware creates a cozy and inviting atmosphere in the kitchen.

Lovely Latches:

Incorporate latch-style hardware for a unique and distinctive look in the kitchen. Pair deep black hardware with pale blue cabinetry to create a striking contrast and add visual intrigue to the space.

Textural Brass:

Incorporate brass hardware with a knurled texture to add depth and dimension to the kitchen design. The textured brass pulls complement warm tones in wood cabinetry.