9 Relationship Red Flags You Should Run From

1. Lack of Communication

Partners that don't communicate honestly and openly to each other probably have trust issues and are not very vulnerable. This is a major obstacle that will keep you from creating genuine relationships; it makes it difficult to settle disputes and determine what you both need and want.

2. Controlling Behavior

A controlling partner controls who you see, what you dress, and how much time you spend with them. It will feel like they are always holding a heavy hand over you. Although their actions might be motivated by their own fears, they will create a toxic environment in which your independence and self-determination are seriously undermined.

3. Disrespect for Boundaries

Someone should be left behind if they don't respect your personal limits. Any invasion of your personal space, whether it be digital, emotional, or bodily, shows that you don't care about your comfort. Crossing these boundaries could be a clue that they won't give your wellbeing any more attention in the future.

4. Frequent Lying

Lying on a regular basis will soon erode the trust that is necessary for any partnerships to succeed. It's obvious your partner isn't committed to openness in the relationship if they lie a lot, regardless of how big or small the lies are.

5. Aggression or Violence

Aggression of any kind, whether it be physical, verbal, or emotional, is a serious warning sign that you should quit. It's a dangerous and unhealthy relationship dynamic you don't want to fool around with, and it suggests there's a chance you could get wounded.

6. Substance Abuse

Even though treating addiction is a highly complicated issue that calls for compassion and understanding, you know you're in a toxic relationship if your spouse won't ask for assistance, doesn't get it, or puts their drug use before your relationship.

7. Jealousy Without Cause

Being overly possessive and insecure can be evidently indicated by excessive jealousy, especially when it occurs without cause. This is a risky quality that might eventually impact your independence and social life.

8. Lack of Empathy

Your partner will undoubtedly find it difficult to build a strong and loving relationship if they lack empathy for others, especially for you. Contrary to popular belief, a lack of empathy is more concerning because it can result in egotistical behavior.

9. Unreliable or Flakey Behavior

One simple way to tell if someone doesn't value your time is if they consistently miss deadlines or break promises. Are you genuinely interested in dating an uncommittable person?