9 Long Haircuts for Fine Hair for an Added Volume in 2024

1. Long Butterfly Layers

Inspired by the '70s shag, this cut features face-framing layers that create a voluminous, flipped effect. Use a big-barrel iron or flatiron to enhance volume and direct the flow.

2. Hime Cut

The trending Hime cut has short, face-framing side pieces contrasting with long, straight hair. Its Japanese influence offers an elegant and edgy look, best for straight or slightly wavy hair.

3. Long Boho Braids

These feed-in box braids with a wavy twist create a bohemian, tendril effect. Suitable for all hair types, they offer versatility and longevity while reducing manipulation of natural hair.

4. Silky One-Length

Known as "Cher hair," this timeless cut involves hidden micro layers for movement. Best for straight to wavy textures, it requires precision cutting and regular trims to maintain health from root to ends.

5. Mermaid Hair

This style features long, flowing hair with subtle layers for a carefree, beachy vibe. Ideal for naturally wavy or curly hair, it uses slide cutting and razoring to enhance texture.

6. Soft-Notched Bangs

These bangs provide a light, wispy look with full coverage above the eyes. Ideal for straight to wavy hair with medium to thick density, they offer a fresh take on curtain bangs.

7. Long Modern Shag

The modern shag is a cool, piece-y cut that frames the face. Perfect for medium to fine hair with natural waves, it uses a razor to taper ends for bounce and movement.

8. Long Layers with a Side Part

Side-parted long layers frame the face with lift and movement. Best for medium to thick hair, this cut reduces volume at the roots while adding lift around the face.

9. Long Hair with Micro Bangs

Micro bangs paired with long hair create a bold, confident look. Suitable for straight to slightly wavy hair, the bangs are cut with a razor for a sharp contrast.