9 Heat-Tolerant Container Gardens For Sweltering Summers

Appreciate Blooming Lantana

Hardy and pretty, lantana thrives in sunny, hot, and dry conditions, producing multi-colored flowers until the first frost, attracting butterflies. Once established, it requires minimal maintenance, making it an excellent choice for gardens.

Grow A Patch Of Mint

Mint is a fragrant addition to container gardens, thriving in full sun or partial shade. Regular watering keeps it happy, and it's perfect for picking sprigs to elevate summertime cocktails.

Combine Sun-Loving Annuals

Combine geraniums, calibrachoas, and mecardonias for heat-tolerant container displays. These plants, grown as annuals in most climates, boast bright blooms and require regular watering for nonstop blooming.

Stick With Classic Boxwood

Boxwoods add elegance to container gardens and can be paired with heat-loving annuals like vinca for seasonal color. They prefer well-draining soil and benefit from weekly watering, especially in hot, dry weather.

Plant Fascinating Foliage

Create captivating container gardens with foliage plants like cast iron plant, coleus, caladiums, asparagus fern, and variegated ivy, thriving in full or part shade and requiring less watering.

Set Palms At The Front Door

Chinese fan palms or silver saw palmetto add architectural interest to container displays, complemented by scarlet bromeliads and gold-variegated acuba and ivy.

Frame Windows With Vines

Frame architectural features with tropical mandevilla vine, ideal for hot climates, blooming profusely in full sun until fall. Plant in well-draining soil, provide support, and water when dry.

Pop Of Gorgeous Geraniums

Add glowing red geraniums to container displays for a pop of color, thriving in full sun but benefiting from afternoon shade during extreme heat. Water when dry for generous flowering.

Use Sun-Loving SunPatiens

'Tropical Salmon' SunPatiens, foxtail asparagus fern, and 'Neon' pothos create cheerful planters for hot climates, growing in sun or shade and requiring regular watering.