9 Fragrant flowers to make your house smell amazing this spring

Lily of the Valley

Known for its delicate white blossoms and sweet fragrance, plant in partial shade in early spring, but be cautious as it's toxic to animals and people.


These fragrant blooms in pink, purple, and blue shades require planting in well-drained, fertile soil in the fall. They thrive in full sun or partial shade.


Endless varieties are available, with some like English roses and hybrid tea roses being highly aromatic. Choose stems with firm, green stems and snugly fitting petals.


Soothing and stress-reducing, lavender is easy to grow in sunny spots. Hybrid Lavandin varieties are among the most fragrant.


Richly perfumed, gardenias thrive in warm climates with moist soil and humidity. They release more scent at night to attract pollinating moths.


These fragrant blooms in vibrant shades of purple, yellow, pink, and red are lovely both in gardens and bouquets. Plant in fall for Zones 9 and warmer, or in spring for cooler zones.


Night-blooming jasmine is most fragrant after dark, with common white jasmine having the sweetest scent. It needs bright, indirect light indoors or can be grown on trellises outdoors.


With varieties suited to different climates, magnolia trees bloom in mid-spring, with Daybreak being one of the most fragrant. Flowers make beautiful cut flowers lasting up to 2 weeks.


Whether they are bursting from a vase or hanging from a pergola or trellis, wispyeria blooms always attract attention. This climbing vine flowers in colors of blue and purple in the spring.