9 Fall-Blooming Perennials That Add Color To Autumn Garden

Hardy Chrysanthemum

Pinch back stems in spring or summer as flower buds form. This will promote branching for denser growth and more flowers and postpone blossoming till autumn.

Smooth Aster

Pollinators enjoy the blooms' nectar until fall, when songbirds eat the seeds. Smooth aster complements sunflowers, goldenrod, and other golden blossoms well. Once established, plants tolerate drought.

Narrowleaf Sunflower

Narrowleaf sunflowers illuminate fall gardens. Sunny yellow flowers appear late in the season, often around October. Songbirds love the little seed heads after blooms.

Autumn Sage

Autumn sage blooms intermittently from spring to fall, despite its name. It is called for its stunning late-season display. There are several varieties with light yellow, orange, fuchsia, purple, red-violet.

Rose Verbena

Rose verbena blooms from May to September, bringing months of color. Bright pink, purple, or white blooms attract butterflies and hummingbirds to the yard..

Red Spider Lily

Red spider lily, often known as equinox flower, blooms after the first fall rains. The vibrant red flowers are on one- to two-foot stalks. Four to six two-inch flowers are spoked on each flower stem..

Great Blue Lobelia

This cardinal flower cousin attracts hummingbirds and butterflies with light to dark blue tubular blooms in late summer and early autumn. Spikes up to three feet tall generate blooms..

Toad Lily

Toad lily's orchid-like flowers are unique. Plant this garden gem along walkways to see its beautiful white-to-lavender flowers with deep purple speckles. Ladder-like stems hold attractive foliage..


Sneezeweed deserves a spot in the autumn landscape with its bright gold, orange, and red blossoms. Sneezeweed varieties have showier flowers and attract more pollinators..