9 Beautiful Pink Flowers For Garden Look

Consider factors like maintenance and blossom size when choosing roses for your garden, such as hybrid tea roses for large blooms or floribunda roses for less maintenance.


Known for its heart-shaped blooms in bubblegum pink, this early-season favorite adds a touch of romance to shaded areas. Consider alternatives like fringed bleeding hearts

Bleeding Heart

Bold and vibrant, pink lilies bring cheer to any garden with their warm or cool tones. Deadheading helps direct energy back into the bulbs, while lilies also make beautiful cut flowers.


Plant these showy annuals for clusters of large, spidery blooms in deep rose to magenta pink, attracting butterflies without becoming invasive. Cleomes bloom all summer and into fall


Add cottage charm with towering spikes of foxglove, which attract hummingbirds and other pollinators with their tubular blooms. Note that foxglove is poisonous to people and pets.


Dazzling with bountiful blooms in mid to late summer, dahlias come in various colors, shapes, and sizes, from single blossoms to dinner-plate sized heads.


Named for its star-shaped blooms, this rugged perennial attracts butterflies and hummingbirds from summer through fall, thriving in heat and humidity.

Egyptian Star Flower

A perennial favorite in the South, azaleas boast prolific spring blooms in a range of hues, with some varieties reblooming throughout the year. Select early- and late-blooming varieties


Feathery plumes of astilbe add color to shade gardens, tolerating heavy shade and resisting deer browsing. These flowers attract pollinators and beautify shaded.

False Spirea