8 Iceland Road Trip Tips: What You Need to Know Before You Go

Make sure you have car insurance

Windows are damaged by pebbles and sand from rain and snow. Wind is the main threat most drivers are unprepared for. 

Rent the right vehicle

Renting a car in Iceland is simple. You don't require an International Driving Permit if you have a Latin-letter license with a number, photo, and expiration date.

Download the right apps

The best navigation app is Google Maps. Download maps for offline use.

Bring a paper map

On road trips, I always bring a paper map. I know Google Maps is simple and cheap, and Iceland has reliable mobile data. 

Choose your direction wisely

The Ring Road (Route 1, Iceland's primary roadway) is mostly driven counterclockwise by most tourists. 

Avoid the F-roads

F-roads are rough, unpaved pathways that lead into the interior from the Ring Road.

Check the weather often

Icelandic weather varies quickly, as I've noted before. You should therefore watch the forecast. Hiking or visiting waterfalls requires preparation, but driving in wind or rain may not. 

Only pull over where there is space

Stopping frequently to take shots will be tempting. Very often. Both the big and mediocre sights in Iceland are breathtaking.