8 Hallway Paint Colors That Bring This Space to Life

Yeabridge Green

Yeabridge Green by Farrow & Ball is a fresh and invigorating green shade, ideal for foyers and hallways. Patrick O Donnell from Farrow & Ball praises its joyful and optimistic nature, making it a perfect backdrop for pictures.

Oval Room Blue

It is a timeless turquoise with green undertones, inspired by the 18th century. It's versatile and complements natural woods, colorful textiles, and graphic patterns, making it suitable for both modern and traditional tastes.

Cotton Balls + Peale Green

Benjamin Moore's Cotton Balls is a clean off-white with warm undertones, perfect for highlighting woodworking details and wall decor.

Basque Green

Basque Green by Sherwin-Williams is a vibrant shade reminiscent of olives, woods, and bays. Emily Kantz from Sherwin-Williams recommends it for adding effortless boldness and organic vibrancy to hallways.

Lookout Point

Lookout Point by Benjamin Moore is a nearly neutral blue that adds subtle color to transitional spaces. Magno describes it as a soft, crisp, and modern shade that stays light and bright, making it ideal for hallways with limited natural light.

Renew Blue

Renew Blue by Valspar is a soothing blue with gray and green undertones, turning hallways into relaxing havens. Kim from Valspar highlights its timeless appeal and ability to bring a relaxed atmosphere to high-traffic areas.

Iron Ore

Iron Ore by Sherwin-Williams is a deep, mysterious charcoal color that adds drama and sophistication when used sparingly. Kantz encourages homeowners to experiment with dark colors in hallways for a bold statement.

Rustic Oak

Rustic Oak by Valspar is a warm cinnamon shade that pairs well with crisp whites like Halogen. Sue Kim from Valspar suggests using contrasting tones in hallways to create a stylish and impactful look with minimal investment.