8 Easy College Hairstyles to Do When You're Running Late for Class

Pretty Pins

Bobby pins are the unsung heroes of all the best hairstyles. Let them have their moment with a chic front clip. For a little extra drama, tease up the back of your hair, like Millie Bobby Brown.

Double Braids

It's always a good idea to wear braids, whether you're going to the gym or going out with your friends. Add some extensions for a little extra length if you want to take the simple haircut to the next level.

Modern Half-Up

This pretty way to wear your hair half-up is very Betty Cooper: sweet and put-together. You only need to pull up the front of your hair and leave your part alone. Use a giant barrette to hold it in place.

Messy Pony

If you want your third-day hair to look tough, add some extra volume. Your whole look will look rock 'n' roll if you mess up your pony at the top and pull out the tail.

Super Long Braid

With the addition of a braid, a sleek ponytail may be transformed into a complete hair moment, which is a great thing to do. As a result of having a great deal of extensions, Zendaya's hair reaches all the way down to her waist.

Glam Blowout

For a great blowout, you don't need to go to a hair shop. To do this, use a round brush and heat from your hair dryer to sweep your hair out of your face.

Bent Waves

For cool girls, this style is like the curl, but it takes a lot less time. After you straighten your hair, use a flat iron to spread out the strands all over. You only need to flick your wrist like you're curling your hair, and boom!

Braided Knot

It only takes two minutes to do this dancer favorite that will stay put all day. Make a high ponytail with your hair and then braid it. For extra points, do a fishtail braid. Put it in a bun and tie it off with another hair tie.