8 Container Garden Ideas Packed With Color for Any Space

Cosmos in Concrete Container Garden

Pink and white cosmos form a pretty container garden with its pastel colors. The flowers and rectangular concrete planter's clean lines provide a striking contrast.

Modern White Container Garden

Modernize your container garden with white flowers that look lovely amid foliage. This garden has iris, Dipladenia, euphorbia, dichondra, and heat-tolerant calibrachoa, producing a stunning show.

Solar Fountain Plants

A solar fountain container garden might include a pond and water plants. A Piece of Rainbow adds baby tut, taro, canna lily, Siberian iris, and loriope.

Indoor Herbs

Try numerous containers as A Beautiful Mess did for their indoor herb garden. Here, mint, oregano, rosemary, basil, thyme, and chives are in colorful pots for easy identification.

Succulent Centerpiece

DIY succulent gardens may be made with any vessel, such a galvanized bucket. Chatfield Court picked four succulents for her container garden and utilized them as a dining room centerpiece.

Orange Container Garden

This container garden enjoys July. Red flowers and plants look gorgeous together due to their tiny color variances. It's situated near the front entrance so visitors may enjoy it.

Mixed Color Combo in Container Garden

Expert container gardeners recommend choosing hues that complement one other. This stunning container garden has red, purple, and white flowers with trailing foliage.

Bold Blooms

Choose large, vibrant flowers for container gardening. This group from Proven Winners will take your breath away. Several varieties of hydrangeas in different pot sizes and designs provide loads of texture.