7 Ways to Make Your Home More Comfortable for a Senior Dog, According to Veterinarians

Covering problem areas like standing up or walking on slick surfaces may help prevent muscle strain and injury in your dog.

Cover Hardwood Floors

Does your dog adore laying on the couch or bed but has trouble jumping up? An orthopedic bed works well. 

Buy an Orthopedic Bed

If you have a short staircase they use often, a small non-slip ramp over the stairs may help them climb up the steps independently.

Install Ramps

Some senior dogs have trouble lowering their necks to eat or drink. Elevated dog bowls reduce strain. You can also support their food and water dishes.

Buy Elevated Dog Bowls

Senior pets may be at risk in some areas of your home. Install baby gates to protect them. A baby gate can prevent your dog from climbing stairs you don't want them to.

Install Gates in Danger Zones

Dog steps can assist your older pet reach their favorite hard-to-reach spots like ramps.

Modify Their Sleeping Arrangement

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Install Dog Stairs