7 Standing Exercises Women Should Do Daily To Stay Fit, Firm,&Tight

Side Reach

Wake up your core with side reaches. Stand shoulder-width apart, inhale, lift your right arm, and lean left. Exhale and return. 

Chest Opener

Stretch your chest and engage your core. Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, clasp hands behind your back, and lean backward on exhale.

Forward Fold

Stretch your entire body. Stand with feet close, exhale, bend forward at hips, aiming for straight legs. Bend knees if needed.

Hip Circles

Engage your core and hips. Stand with feet apart, hands on hips. Draw circles clockwise, widen, then repeat counterclockwise.

Hip Hinge

Warm up hips and core. Stand with feet apart, hands on hips. Inhale, bend forward at waist, keeping back straight. Exhale back to standing.

Standing Cat Cow

Stretch abs with this yoga move. Bend at waist, hands on knees. Inhale, arch back; exhale, sink back towards thighs.


Bolster your abs with strength training. Start with body weight, then add weight. Try standing bird dog, squats, single-leg deadlift, wide side crunch, and knee tuck extension.