7 Quick & Easy Hairstyles for Short Hair In 2024

Sleek and Slicked

While a messy hairstyle conveys a certain 'What party were they at last night?' feeling, Lily Allen's casual look suggests that the wearer was the special guest and covered the entire bar bill.


For a very long time, the pixie has been associated with boldness and drastic transformation two excellent traits to begin a new year with.

The Rixie

A more rounded pixie, akin to a "Rixie," is a lighthearted throwback to the 1960s, while Halsey's punky pixie clearly falls in the 90s. "It's a slightly sweeter look that follows the curve of the head,"

The Bixie

What do you get when you combine two parts bob and one part pixie, shaken rather than stirred, and add a pinch of punky attitude? The Bixie. It has a slightly longer bottom and a slightly shorter top,

Rounded Bob

Blunt cuts and shaggy manes were popular in 2023, while 2024 is trending towards becoming softer and curvier. An example might be a rounded chin-length bob, as seen on Jourdan Dunn.

French Bob

A bob is a brief hairstyle that usually terminates at the chin. That's kind of like a French bob, only it comes with a galette and a glass of Dom Perignon. Apart from the diet of champagne and puff pastry


According to Toth, who cites celebrities like Lupita Nyong'o and even Harry Styles as examples, the buzz cut, the ultimate short haircut (and a wonderful hard reset for fatigued strands)