7 Places for the Best Lake Diving in the US

Lake Tahoe (California/Nevada)

Emerald Bay offers impressive underwater attractions, including submerged trees, vintage artifacts, and historic boat remains. Divers need drysuits due to cold temperatures.

Ginnie Springs (Florida)

Known as "cave country," Ginnie Springs features caverns like Ginnie Cavern and Devil's Eye, suitable for divers of all levels. Rental gear is available, and guided dives can be arranged.

Lake Huron (Michigan)

Thunder Bay's marine preserve boasts over 100 shipwrecks, offering diverse diving experiences for all skill levels. Drysuits are recommended, and dive shops provide equipment rental

Clear Lake (Oregon)

Submerged forests and unique underwater formations make Clear Lake a captivating dive site. Cold water and altitude adjustments require advanced open water and self-sufficiency

Lake Jocassee (South Carolina)

Renowned for exceptional water clarity, Lake Jocassee offers diverse underwater landscapes, including submerged cliffs and sunken structures.

Lake Travis (Texas)

Despite limited visibility, Lake Travis boasts historical artifacts and submerged structures like Starnes Island and Wreck Alley. Drysuits are recommended year-round, and proper buoyancy control.

Lake Michigan (Midwest)

Cold-water diving in Lake Michigan offers excellent visibility and well-preserved shipwrecks, attracting advanced divers. Popular sites include the SS Palo Alto and The Rouse Simmons.