7 Dog Breeds People Sadly Regret Buying

Dalmatian:  Ahh, the graceful Dalmatian, with its eye-catching markings and lively disposition. Although they are a wonderful asset to homes that can handle their boundless activity, some owners may find them to be too much to handle.

Border Collie Border Collies are unmatched in their intellect and boundless enthusiasm. Despite their obvious intelligence and herding prowess, they need continual mental and physical stimulation.

Siberian HuskyThe Siberian Husky has come to represent adventure and beauty. Beneath that fluffy coat, however, is a dog explorer's desire to explore the vast outdoors. These canines were developed for long distance running and sled pulling.

ChihuahuaThe personality of Chihuahuas are as audacious as their bark. Their protective nature and sarcasm may be endearing to some, but they may overwhelm others.

Great Dane: Huge amounts of room are required for Great Danes, both inside and outside. Their tastes are different too! They may devour food as if they were in a competition with a bunch of college students at an unlimited buffet.

Pomeranian To start with, Pomeranians like talking a lot! For that reason, if you're seeking for a calm dog, a Pom may not be the greatest choice. Not to be overlooked are their opulent jackets. Yes, they are very beautiful.

BeagleWith their noses to the ground, these cute puppies are always on a quest, smelling out every aroma in their route. The problem is that their passion for exploration may turn them into skilled escape artists.