7 Cheapest Beach Towns You Can Afford To Live In

Gulfport, Mississippi

Gulfport offers affordable housing options and a laid-back lifestyle along the Gulf Coast, with beautiful beaches and plenty of outdoor recreational activities.

Port St. Joe, Florida

Located on Florida's Forgotten Coast, Port St. Joe boasts affordable real estate prices and a charming small-town atmosphere, perfect for those seeking a relaxed beach lifestyle.

Rockport, Texas

Rockport offers affordable living along the Texas Gulf Coast, with picturesque waterfront views, abundant fishing opportunities, and a welcoming community.

Ocean Shores, Washington

Ocean Shores is a budget-friendly beach town on the Washington coast, known for its stunning natural beauty, miles of sandy beaches, and affordable housing options.

Bay St. Louis, Mississippi

Bay St. Louis is an affordable beach town on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, with a thriving arts scene, historic downtown area, and easy access to beautiful beaches.

Fort Pierce, Florida

Fort Pierce is an affordable beach town on Florida's Treasure Coast, offering a laid-back atmosphere, pristine beaches, and a variety of recreational activities.

Port Isabel, Texas

Port Isabel is a charming beach town on the Texas Gulf Coast, known for its historic downtown area, affordable housing options, and proximity to South Padre Island.