11 States with a High Presence of Tarantulas


Discover the California ebony tarantula in coastal regions and deserts, hiding in caves or under rocks. 


Explore over 20 tarantula species in Arizona, from the stunning golden-haired Arizona blonde to the Mexican redknee found in rocky crevices. 


Everything s bigger in Texas, including the spiders! From the burrowing Texas brown tarantula to the rock-hiding Tawny cursor, the Lone Star State boasts a variety of tarantula breeds.

New Mexico

The Land of Enchantment is home to tarantulas like the New Mexico and zebra tarantula, recognizable by its goth zebra-like black and white stripes. 


Encounter fascinating tarantula species in Oklahoma, like the impressive Oklahoma brown tarantula and the dwarf tarantula, one of the smallest breeds in the US.


Beyond the glitz of Vegas, meet the shy Nevada tarantula, hiding in caves. Keep watch during late-night desert strolls you might just spot one!


Spot the Colorado tarantula at higher elevations between 5,000 and 9,000 feet on mountain hikes. With shorter hair than desert tarantulas, they've adapted to the cooler mountain climate.


Surprise! Florida adds tarantulas to its list of attractions. The Florida Keys curly-haired tarantula prefers to tunnel and stay hidden, so keep a flip-flop handy on your beach day.


Uncover tarantula royalty in the Wizard of Oz state the Kansas tarantula, also known as the dwarf tarantula, with a leg span of about 2 inches. 


Beyond its vibrant culture, Louisiana is home to the Louisiana swamp tarantula, thriving in humid environments. With their brown color and darker markings, they blend perfectly into the swamps and forests.


Explore the diverse wildlife of the Natural State, including the burrowing Arkansas brown tarantula. Keep your eyes peeled in the Ouachita Mountains for these fascinating creatures.