10 Rattlesnakes Removed From One Home Here's Where They Were Hiding

One rattlesnake was discovered nestled under the porch, camouflaged among the wooden beams.

Under the Porch

Another rattlesnake was found coiled up inside the garage, near a stack of old boxes.

Inside the Garage

A sneaky rattlesnake was spotted slithering beneath the deck, seeking shelter from the sun.

Beneath the Deck

A rattlesnake made its home inside the garden shed, likely attracted by the cool, dark environment.

In the Garden Shed

Surprisingly, one rattlesnake was found hiding underneath a piece of furniture in the living room.

Underneath Furniture

Another rattlesnake sought warmth near the water heater, lurking in the utility closet.

Near the Water Heater

Several rattlesnakes were discovered hiding behind potted plants on the patio, blending in with the foliage.

Behind Potted Plants

Hidden among cluttered corners of the basement, several rattlesnakes were found lurking amidst stored items.

Within Cluttered Corners

A daring rattlesnake was uncovered beneath the house, possibly seeking refuge from predators.

Underneath the House

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In the Attic