10 Outdoor Seating Ideas and Designs for Backyards and Rooftops

Optimize a small outdoor space by using slim furniture instead of bulky pieces, as seen in this San Diego home's deck, maximizing square footage while maintaining functionality and style.

Slim and Trim

Create a vibrant sitting area with a custom-made teak sofa adorned with colorful accent pillows, adding a pop of color and personality to outdoor spaces like this Hamptons home.

A Colorful Escape

Enhance outdoor dining experiences with a dedicated serving station alongside a spacious table, as showcased in this oceanside France home, providing convenience and elegance for hosting gatherings.

Full Scale Dining

Craft a dreamy seating area with a white sofa and flowing curtains, as demonstrated in this Ibiza oasis, offering a serene and relaxed ambiance for outdoor relaxation and entertaining.

A Breezy Lounge in Ibiza

Embrace whimsical charm with unique outdoor lounge spaces, such as the wonderland-esque area featuring concrete mushrooms in Emma Chamberlain's Los Angeles home, adding playful elements to outdoor design.

A Whiff of Whimsy

Infuse Moroccan-inspired elements into outdoor spaces with bright white cushions lining built-in benches, creating a sun-splashed terrace reminiscent of exotic retreats.

A Moroccan Oasis

Achieve simplicity and comfort with a sleek outdoor design featuring modern farmhouse aesthetics, as seen in this upstate New York home designed by architect Niels Schoenfelder.

Sleek and Simple

Embrace contemporary cool with a midcentury-inspired pool pavilion featuring a mod sectional sofa and colorful pillows, exemplified in Jonathan Adler and Simon Doonan's Shelter Island retreat.

A Midcentury-Inspired Retreat

Create a cozy outdoor living space with solid mahogany furniture and a custom-made firepit, as showcased in the Manhattan triplex of entrepreneur Michael Hirtenstein, blending modern design

A Wood-Lined Outdoor

Combine city views with earthy elements by incorporating minimalist wooden furniture and lush plantings, as seen in author Elaine Welteroth’s outdoor space in the Hollywood Hills.

Metropolitan and Earthy